Nowhere Is Right Here


No Gravity


Tumbling Down


Keep Breathing

Looking at my face
Think you know this case
But you never know
What my thinks will show

Many years of strife
Left a dust of life
That’s the major reason
Loosing dreams all season

Anesthetic dust
Covered all my trust
Cause your soul is hidden
I’m the one forbidden

Though the life still goes on
Lonely days came along
Wings of love we’ve lost
Paying one more cost

Maybe dust will fall
Showing truth of wall
That we built together
Leaving it forever

Looking at your face
Now you know my case
But I want to know
Where your thinks still flow…

Paths Of Live: Changes

Don’t you ever realise,
Have you tried to recognise,
What is true and what is lies?
Who’s the woman named for life,
Is she genuine holding knife?
Have no feeling over there,
Have no answer asking her,
Never know who loves who?
Only thing you should to do,
Is think you never have to lie
If you want to say good bye.
Want to go and want to stay?
Never find the better day,
If you fall to deep enough,
You’ll forget about the laugh
Coming back to life in truth,
Hope is not too late for you.

Destination Nowhere

At the places I have never been
Pictures that I thought I’d never seen
Though my thoughts are lazy in my head
They reflect the things I’ve never said
Close to vision I could build
Out of dreams I half fulfilled
Wall of memories I was shown
All of the moments life has drawn
I see my life I was used to know
And can’t stop watching the show
How can I still look for my traces
Of possible pasts in these places?
I keep moving to see again
All the spaces filled with pain
To walk out freely in the night
I must know I’d got the light
So I keep this simple thought
To know I’ve found what I sought

Son Of The Sun

Life’s too short my son,
Nothing lasts forever, but the Sun,
Even if you think, you won,
Maybe life’s just gone
So, keep hanging on!

I’ve just wanna say,
All my dreams gone away,
Simply passed before my eyes,
Cause the time moves on
So, keep hanging on!

Remember me when I sing
Maybe one time you will think,
You’re about being able to fly,
Sonny – don’t stand by”
I’m sure, I wasn’t wrong
So, keep hanging on!

Do not lose your life,
Waiting on a someone’s hand…
Searching for a rainbow,
That will never end.
Maybe love would come along
So, keep hanging on!

Calling All Memories

Every time I see your angry face,
No more details that could be found
But ashes of memories you can’t erase,
Still mocking me and all around.

Now my heart is made of stone,
And even all the world beauties,
Won’t change it before I’m gone,
Imposing myself new duties.

And you look at me taking shower,
Puzzled by cold look in my eyes.
I’m gone, despite the freezing power
Of your crazy, paranoid cries.

In my loneliness I feel free,
But I realized I wouldn’t be my own,
When the darkness embraced me,
And my hiding place was shown.

You don’t think I’d like to see
The casing I built for myself,
But that just wouldn’t be me,
I’ve never been a good elf.

And I’m fine when you think I’m not,
Don’t heat the game and don’t revert.
I’m guarded lest you blight, that’s what
Gives me the way I wouldn’t be hurt.

Do not bother my sensitivity,
After the war, we need a drink,
Washed out of feelings community,
Though not as hurtful, as we think

Pointing us to wrong direction,
Killing thrill that warms us still.
In indifference no affection,
No forgiveness, we can’t chill.

Even you can’t sing due to “bad weather”,
Already we can ignore all melodies,
Since we are not chosen to spin together
In crazy dance of our souls and bodies.

To wade through your life with no anger,
Just keep in mind the way, the hint –
You mustn’t give up but don’t drop a clanger,
Willing to start the fire and blow the wind.

But … I just am the wind, I am the fire,
Remember my tenacity to strive
To keep up with the light, I’m not a liar,
Ignoring the darkness I will survive!

Last Dream

When I’ll take you to a place, you’d never been,
When I’ll show you things, you’d never seen,
When I’ll teach you how to fly,
Sun will rise in the sky.

But no matter the view,
Focus on who loves you.
I’ve got the speech prepared,
I’ve even got the ring,
I’ve never tried before,
But going start to sing.

So, when I’ll get on my knee,
Do not set me free.
And when I’ll take you by the hand,
Just lead me to the very end.