It’s Only The Desert



If I ever knew your name,
Name of woman – feelings slayer,
I will never be the same,
I’ll be answer to your prayer.

If I ever knew your name,
Name of wizard, am I wrong?
I will blow up feelings flame,
I’ll be music to your song.

If I ever knew the truth,
You can’t stay and have to go,
I will promise walking through,
Till you stop to be Jane Doe.

River Of Tears

Just had a fight with you,
I wanted you no gain,
One’s gonna raise a wall, guess who,
Moves forward through the pain.

Though I tell you lies,
Don’t call me I’m bad,
I just compromise,
But you get upset!

I know you’ve got the reasons,
Be blind, as you wanna be,
I hear them all the seasons,
Staying  hopeless refugee.

Don’t you think we can,
Repeat the history once more,
Just try to see the man
At the fantasy you knew before.

Cause you never knew me,
Wherever you go,
You should go right thru me,
To the end of show.

Forgive me my failing,
Forgive me my fears,
But I feel like sailing,
On the river of tears.


So please, my angel don’t cry
Even stars must someday die
But still you feel like you are
The only one standing by
Watching the life surpass you!

So please, do not say good bye
You can’t leave without just try
And still you feel like you are
The only one standing by
Watching the life surpass you!

So please, my stranger don’t lie
Cause your life just flies you by
And still you feel like you are
The only one standing by
Watching the life surpass you!

If you leave, I’ll learn to fly
Since my wings will never dry
I’ll never feel like you are
I won’t be just standing by
Watching the life surpass you!


Though I’ve got no money
Don’t call me a beggar
You know that’s not funny
When you feel just meager

But I want to learn to fly
See that sky flying by
See the lights of the nights
Secrets seen from the heights

We can start to fly apart
You can do what you please
But if you’ve got the heart
Don’t leave me underneath…

I shall drag away my feet
From the Earth and I will meet
The infinity of space
When the flight will take a place

Cause I know you’ll come and go
I will take whole world in hand
Hurry up to join the show
Give it chance to never end

Faith and love we cannot buy
Life seems easy when you fly
But for the roads full of stones
Makes itself with no light tones

Desert Delusions

Nothing’s gonna changed tonight
Every evening seems the same
And another stupid fight
Thinking you’re the one to blame

Yet another day goes by
Will this nightmare ever end?
Love is not enough to buy
This house to be a home again

It’s no wonder why and who
Through this hopeless night
Want to break my heart in two
Don’t you think I’m right?

Why can’t I stop to cry?
Even though I’m not in pain
Tell my empty heart you lie
When you’re leaving home again

I will try to hide another tear
Screwing up the best time ever
I wish I could just disappear
Can I stop to cry forever ?

To understand the reasons why
The days that were so beautiful
Cannot be right in one more try
With memories of loving you

As you look around my place tonight
Freezing smile cause fear came up
You will see the pain and fight
Watching life to find the trap

I hate myself for trying to erase
Everything between the sky and sea
Nothing seems to be the proper ways
Darkness still’s surrounding me

I can’t fall asleep killing the pain
I creep under my bed in tears
Asking myself where is my brain
That for the night still disappears

Monster trapped the light of day
Crawling out the anger of my fight
Crashing down my hopeless pray
Gives no way to end this night!

That is me who lost your way
Hidden in the end of room
All I see are shades of gray
Wait! I’ll be stronger soon…

Sleepless nights are all too long
Let it end this night for me
Let your eyes do’t look so wrong
Oh my God, please let it be!

Silence Of The Desert

Can you hear the sound erupt
When the rain is coming down
When the Sun is rising up
Opening the gates of dawn ?

No, you can hear the silence,
Silence left behind you…
And your  pricks of conscience
Cause I’m lost without you

You should never stop believing
When I offer you my sorrow
I have nothing more to giving
But no future in tomorrow

Now my life is miles from love
And my truth is made of lies
I have never been a dove
I could read it in your eyes

Can you hear the silence,
Silence left behind you…
Can you hear the silence,
Empty space behind you..

Yet another day of silence
And my life moves slowly on
I’m a prisoner of violence
In my broken pleasure dome

I’ll be broke but never broken
You are gone but let me dream
Of the hundreds words unspoken
That you never got from me

Can you hear the silence,
Silence left behind you…
All I need is patience
Cause I’m lost without you

I’ve been walking thousand miles
Through your footprints of my life
If you read between the lines
You would know how stop the strife

I’ve been wrong I won’t be broken
Or I wouldn’t like to recognize
Yet another lie I’ve spoken
Damn, how lost I am I realize…

Can you hear the silence
Silence left behind you…
Can you sense the violence
Of empty space around you…

Do you pretend you didn’t want
To spend the rest of life alone?
Just let me cry or maybe you don’t
And laugh before my life is gone !

Too many lies for my pride
I should say goodbye, forgive me
But the rope is now to tight
Empty space surrounds  me…

Suspended Movement


Crawling Out Of The Desert