There Is No Way Out



“And the two divine people fought,
and the gods were on the side of divinity…”

Where’ve you been that night
When I was losing the fight
For my body and soul integrity
Is this the faith or just curiosity
That my friend, on my way home
Collapsed into the size of gnome
When I was waiting for any sign
Losing my way, out and inside
I was shown the friendship end
On my very serious life bend
So, no one took me by the hand
No one showed the road to end
Either to the real source of life
No one checked that I’m still alive
And one more time we stay apart
And no more try to get it right
To find the way to be together
But we should never say ‘never’
But we should never say ‘never’

Lost Time

(no english version)

Inside Out

I hear scream of paranoia
Which is creeping everywhere
Sensing fear like felled sequoia,
Giant that’s falling through the air

I was rich but had no money
Owning world, I was a beggar
That was truth and was not funny
Falling down the social ladder

Every night it makes me crying
Darkness hiding place’s not giving
So I’m scared this sound of dying
And no way to move for living

Even silence whispers me
Makes my soul slowly die
“Hopeless clown – all I see”
Frightening words and I …

…need no mirror to believe
Faith is all what must go on
Set my senses to receive
Lonely voice of crying stone:

There’s only one way down
Choose direction to real life
No one help you my dear clown
You must die to try survive!

 Out Of Mind

The trouble with you and me, honey
There are no days cloudless and sunny
Since you think you can do what you please
We shall be natural enemies

So leave the ground, look around,
I’m on the other side
Please, turn around to be found,
You can swim against the tide
Just believe and forgive
Faith is always out of mind

Since you never kill the pain
I can’t stay with you again
Your glowing eyes filled with flame
Give no chance to feel the blame

So leave the ground, look around,
I’m on the other side
Please, turn around to be found,
You can swim against the tide
Just believe and forgive
Faith is always out of mind

Nobody Like You

Who knows me better you do
Who loves me more than you
Who hates me harder you hate
Who always says it’s not too late
Who wants me stay  saying get out
Who never lets me be proud
Who wipes my tears
Who knows my fears
Who tells me lies
Who sings lullabies
Who laughs and cries for me
Who never sets me free
Who is my stranger
Who is my danger
Who is my road dog?
My princess of frog!

Anatomy Of Heart

Are you clever enough
To discover straight path
To the human body part
Seen in any kind of art
Maybe you have never seen
What? I’ll tell you what I mean
A little nook in body dome
Where all stars are from
Where moonlight is born
Where is conscience worn
Where lives a mystery of life
Where is silence of afterlife
Where butterflies start to fly
Where is no place for hate or lie
Where spirit can take a place
Where curiousity leaves trace
Where sunlight beam gives cold
Where ice seems to be warm
Where smile can crush a wall
Where doubt lets you to haul
Where anger changes to gladness
Where joy’s inspired by sadness
And the sparkle of love
Grows to be enough
Strong, like nuclear fusion,
And it’s not just an illusion,
Do you know this place?
I mean a heart, not a face!
So, if you can see these all above
And your feelings source is the love,
Stay there for me, please,
Trapped in my memories

There’s No Way Out!

In the darkness of the night
I was frozen by the sight
Fear spied me since I could see
That he was looking at me

Rebellious angel ready to kill
Even though it seems unreal

I did rise and take a fight
Leaving darkness for the light
Though fear made me to flee
No way to stop my slavery

Unchaining my soul from his will
Even that the angel wasn’t real

I’ll follow you to fires of hell
And not complaining with choking smell
And cast my soul in devil’s store
All for the love and even more

Since rebel angel touched me tonight
And showed me way in, but no way out!

Skorupa (Shell)

Ciężko nad tym pracowałem,
By pochować gdzieś uczucia,
Sam już nie wiem, kim się stałem,
Do swych uczuć nie mam klucza.

Jak żółw pancerz przyodziałem,
By się życiu nie dać zranić,
Lecz za późno to dojrzałem,
Życie nie da się omamić.

Pancerz można mieć na sobie,
Przed innymi siebie chować,
To się zwróci przeciw tobie,
Tej decyzji masz żałować!

Dzisiaj pancerz chciałbym zrzucić,
Wywlec na wierzch swe uczucia,
Umiem tylko wciąż się kłócić,
Tracę zdolność do współczucia?

Cofnąć chciałbym się do czasu,
Gdy emocje brały górę,
Jak to zrobić bez hałasu,
By nie wzniecić wspomnień chmurę?

Jeśli staniesz na mej drodze,
W morzu myśli mych – szalupa,
Nie wiem czym ci wynagrodzę,
Bom nie człowiek lecz skorupa.

Just The End

I have never felt this way
But who I am, lost in pain
That I still remind the day
I fell in love – loosing brain

Warming clouds in frozen sky
Calling stars to fly you by
Let me know what I’ve done wrong
Cause the pain is getting strong

All my sense must be dying
There is no desire to fun
But my soul makes me flying
To the heart of the rising sun

Within the nothingness I’m lost
Keeping  all my faith at any cost
Let me know what I’ve done wrong
Cause the pain is getting strong

Deep inside is false affection
But no return and no protection
And if nothing needs to be done
I’ll be loving you, but you’ve gone

And if nothing has done wrong
We just loose what could be won!