Shrine Of Shipwrecked


Falling Stars Shepherd


“Carmita” – So Close To Be Alive

At the rough sea we are ready
to sacrifice themselves and get lost,
By God’s will the boat is unsteady,
to the port of heaven chooses course.

Sudden screech and groans appear
like tired, old boat tails,
freezing blood, raising fear
and wind stiffen and wails.

Treacherous rasp of cracked bulkhead
and young hearts pierces the thrill.
Stick to the boat and dream you’re in bed
and drift to the heaven we will.

In the wind our souls like sails,
like boats at the sea our hearts passes by.
No history cards the wind erase,
although in berths like in deathbed we lie.

Short our life but we’ve no choice.
Has our time already come?
Whether somebody hear our voice?
Grave in Carmita’s not our plan!

Beyond The Rational

Impaled by the virtual thorn
My heart is your sacrifice
Evading rational thought
You poison me and paralyze

Your sarcasm bleeding me out
So I’m violently falling down
Words of hate strangle my shout
And therefore bring me to drown

Can’t feel what is on the inside,
Hate, lust or love I can’t decide
Shall sea of tears be magnified
Repressed, released and dignified

Closing Time